Truly Sunshines ♥

There's a couple that always sms everyday. And everyday the boy answered the same question till he get bored , 'How are you hubby ? Are you already bath ? Eat ? Iloveyou. Imissyou. Ineedyou. Goodnight hubby. What are you doing right now ? I always wanna dream about you.'

One night , the boy received a text message from his girl. But he decided to read it later because he know what will his girl text about. He then forgot to check the message and then go to sleep. The next day , the girl's mother called him and said that his girl was raped and killed last night. The boy felt so sad and then he opened the message that he received last night. It stated: Hubby , where are you now ? there's a stranger following me at back. I need you to come here right now.

#We must appreciate our couple no matter what. As long as he/she loves you.