Truly Sunshines ♥

Abah , My Hero :')

You have been there since I was a kid , You know everything I said and everything I did. Whenever I need you , You always understand It never matters what it is
Whatever I say or do. You are always there right by my side with my problems I always come to you. I could never keep anything from you , Nor could I ever lie.
When I tell you all my faults , You never ask me why. Happy , Sad , Depressed , Upset , You’ve been there for all the moods. When I am upset or mad at the world
You know exactly how to respond. That’s because you are my dad with that certain special bond :) You know exactly what to say , when my life is a complete trauma and when my friends mess my life up with there silly little drama. I know your shoulder is always there just for me to cry.
Abah , you are my best friend and something I always can look up to. I said I’d always be your little girl and that’s exactly what I’ll do. I know you have to let go of me , as the years go by. But dad , that’s not such a bad thing. But you know when I have trouble. No matter if we argue or disagree or whatever we may do :')

#You’re not just my abah. But you’re my hero and never forget that I Love You more than words. I Really Miss You. Forgive all my sins with you , all i want is you by my side right now :'(